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How To Light A Mirror

mirror and light in one bathroom shot

Mirror Lighting Goals:

Your bathroom mirror/vanity area is where most people start and end their day, so having the correct balance of light is crucial to starting the day right.

Good mirror lighting will remove unflattering shadows. To do this light must be projected across in front of ones face and not from behind. Placing lights on the wall all around the mirror will give you the best possible outcome, however wall mounted lighting from above or the sides will give good even lighting for when going about your daily rituals of shaving, applying make-up and going about skin care regimes.



The easiest way to tackle mirror lighting - use a mirror with in built lighting! These 2 in 1 solutions are designed to create the perfect match between mirror and lighting. Taking the hard work out of finding the right balance between mirror shape and style.

 lighted mirror & demister in one product image

Lighted Mirror with De-Mister



This is the classic solution to Mirror lighting. Place simple strip lights or Hollywood lights over the top and/or sides of the mirror for a sleek look. Aim to install strip lighting that is the same width as your mirror (or slightly narrower) to create a balance to the overall look.

xavier and loxley striplight product shot

Xavier LED 12W Mirror Light                        Loxley LED 8W Mirror Light



Placing decorative wall or strip lighting either side of a mirror will not only give you an even glow of light washing across your face but will also add character to your bathroom space. There are many options from contemporary to traditional to set the ambience just right!

agatha and art deco wall lights product shot no background 

Agatha Wall Light                                     Art Deco Wall Light



Backlit mirrors are rising trend in modern bathrooms. They use LED strip lights that sit behind the mirror or alcove, creating a glowing effect and a relaxing ambience. It also creates a layer of depth within the room, adding an eye catching contemporary design feature.

flexible led striplights product shot 


Flexible LED Strip Lights



This is currently a popular trend and when used correctly, strategically placed pendants can be a great way to add a dramatic design feature to the space. Keep in mind that if placing a glass pendant near a mirror that It could be easily broken, so think metal, plastic or cage style pendants if you are concerned about safety.

Pendant lights can help add style and design flair to otherwise simply designed bathroom spaces. Plus, they are a great solution for when more traditional wall lights aren't practical.

martina and fisherman pendant product shot

Martina Metal Pendant                      Small Fisherman Pendant



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