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How To Light Your Stairs

how to light stairs alpha lighting blog

The humble staircase is often neglected when it comes to lighting. But given the high volume of traffic staircases often receive, it's important these spaces are well lit. The goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment for all who use them.

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How To Light A Kitchen

How To Light A Kitchen

Having the right mix of light in your kitchen space is the best may to ensure it becomes a functional and welcoming environment for all who use it. So take a look at our tips on how to achieve this through layered lighting.

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How To Choose The Right Downlight?

How to choose the right downlight

Not all downlights are equal. But there is a reason why people are choosing to have the humble downlight as a main source of light throughout their homes. Read on to find out some of the key things to consider when selecting a downlight for your home.

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Bedside Lighting Inspiration

Bedside Lighting Inspiration v2

Whether you use it as a place to escape and relax in, or a place to read a book before bed - having the right bedside light can help make your space a functional and comforting place to enjoy. 

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How To Light A Bathroom

How to light a bathroom header 1

No matter the size of your bathroom, to create a relaxing and functional space, it needs to be well lit. Read our tips on how to effectively light your bathroom space, and the different types of lighting to consider.

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How To Light A Mirror

mirror and light in one bathroom shot

The bathroom mirror is where most people start and end their day, so having the correct balance of light is crucial to starting the day right. See our tips on how to light your mirror the right way!


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