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Flood Lights and Security Lights

We have a great range of security lights and flood lights. From small sensor lights for your homes front door, to large area flood and area lighting. Take a look at our range below...

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Effective Flood Lighting Can Add Security & Safety To Your Space

Consider safety, vandal resistance, security, light pollution, glare avoidance, operating cost, convenience and effectiveness. Luminaires can be mounted on buildings, poles or the ground; often special brackets or structures have to be made.

Types of Light Distribution

  • Symmetric Light: is distributed uniformly below a luminaire such as a bollard.
  • Asymmetric Light: is concentrated uniformly to one side of the fixture such as signage lights.
  • Directional Light: is projected in a defined direction e.g. flood lights.
  • Multi Directional Light: is distributed equally in all directions, such as pole mounted globes.

Area Lighting

A lot of light can be ‘lost’ so a high utilisation factor cannot be expected. There will also be a much greater variation in uniformity (compared to interior lighting) often up to 15:1 over the lit area. Spacing to pole height ratios is typically 3:1 or 4:1.

Typical Lux Levels Achieved

  • 1 – 10 LUX Storage areas and car parks
  • 10 – 50 LUX Industrial yards, work areas
  • 50 – 150 LUX Devanning areas, petrol stations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do sensor lights deter burglars?

Light at night time will help to deter burglars as it brings attention to the person approaching the premises and makes them visable and more easily identifiable. You may choose to use a PIR sensor light which will switch on only when movement is detected. Or you can choose to use a floodlight with a day light sensor, which will turn the light on automatically when it gets dark and stay on until the dawn. You can find out more about how sensor lights work here in our info centre

How do outdoor sensor lights work?

The most common type of sensor Lights have PIR passive Infra Red sensors. PIR sensors work by detecting heat and movement. Other sensors such as occupancy sensors will turn on when vibration is detected. You can find out more about how sensor lights work here on our info centre

How to reset outdoor motion sensor lights?

If you have have the manufacturers instructions then ensure you follow these. Some sensor lights may not have adjustments available. Whilst others do and typically have a Lux setting (light), a time setting and a distance setting. Detection range. You can find out more about how sensor lights work here on our info centre.

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If you have a question, or are looking for some advice on your next lighting project, let us know below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible 😊