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Bulbs, Lamps and Tubes

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Different Styles Of Lamps

LED Lamps

The latest in energy efficient lamp technology, with savings from 70% to 95% over incandescent technology and will fit into many traditional style lamp holders. It is Important when using LED lamps to replace other technology that you have considered the operating systems 12V or mains voltage? For 12V even when a lamp is designed to be compatible with a number of different power supplies, there can be issues due to, for example, the variations of differently designed halogen transformers and the way in which they are installed. They are available in a range of colour temperatures for different applications. LED lamps boast long lamp lives from 15,000 to 30,000 hours which cut down on maintenance requirements.

SBF – Self Ballasted Fluorescent Lamps

These newer style Fluorescent lamp are highly efficient with an energy savings from 70% to 80% over incandescent technology and will fit into many traditional style lamp holders. They are available in a range of colour temperatures for different applications and are an affordable energy efficient lamp solution. These have about 6 to 8 times the life of your standard incandescent lamp.

Fluorescent and CFL - Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Often in use in commercial premises and utility areas of a home such as in the garage. This technology has been a staple energy efficient lamp technology for many decades and has a proven high efficiency and long lamp life. Control gear is required separately for these lamps which is integral in most Fluorescent fittings.

Halogen lamps

Halogen lamps are at least 10% more efficient than incandescent. Have a longer life than incandescent. Supply voltage is critical for lamp life. It is preferable that the supply voltage is slightly less than the lamp nominal voltage. Dimming can reduce Lamp life as the filament regeneration process fails (Halogen Cycle) causing early failure of the filament and blackening of the lamp. Ensure lamps are run on full light from time to time to regenerate the halogen cycle and extend lamp life.

Metal Halide Lamps

A common lamp technology for commercial applications. A variety of colour temperatures are available. They are a very efficient light source for where high levels of lighting is required for large areas or for intense spot or floodlighting.


This Data is a general guide only. Consult lamp manufacturer’s technical Literature for precise data.

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