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Sensors and Sensor Lights

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Different Types Of Sensors 

Dusk to Dawn sensors

  • Provides automatic switching, to achieve lighting only during night time hours
  • Providing security, safety and efficient power usage 

PIR motion sensors

  • Provides automatic switching for areas such as drive ways hallways and cupboards
  • Providing instant light when one passes through or into a space for 5sec to 5 min
  • Providing security, safety and efficient power usage

HF Occupancy sensors

  • Provide automatic switching for the Office, Lounge and various other areas of constant usage
  • Providing Instant and continuous light when a space is occupied for longer periods of time, will detect small movements such as typing etc
  • Providing efficient power usage

Frequently Asked Questions

How do motion sensor lights work?

The most common type of sensor Lights have PIR passive Infra Red sensors. PIR sensors work by detecting heat and movement. Other sensors such as occupancy sensors will turn on when vibration is detected. Find out more about how sensors work on our info centre page here.

How to adjust sensor light?

If you have have the manufacturers instructions then ensure you follow these. Some sensor lights may not have adjustments available; Whilst others do typically have a Lux setting (light), a time setting and a distance setting, detection range which can be adjusted. Adjust the sensor at the time of day you intend the light to be switching on and set lux setting first then time and distance subsequently. You can find tips and trouble shooting ideas on our info centre page here.

How to wire a motion sensor light?

Installation by a registered electrician is required, please follow manufacturers instructions.

Does light trigger motion sensors?

Yes light can trigger motion sensors, try and redirect the sensor away from reflective surfaces or heat sources. Find out more about the different types of sensor lights, and what triggers them on our info centre page here. You can view our Flood Light and Security Light category here.

How to turn off sensor light?

If you want to be able to turn you sensor light off ensure you purchase a sensor light with a manual override option. Usually a sensor light will be wired up to a switch internally you may turn the switch off here, to turn it off. You can take a look at our Flood and Security Light category here.

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