spotlightsUsed for accent and Task Lighting, these produce more intense light than general lighting fixtures and are capable of producing dramatic visual effects. Light distribution is either a function of the lamp or both the lamp and fixture. Fixtures using reflector lamps are often lower cost and have the advantage of different available lamp beam angles and wattages, thus providing easy variation of intensity and effect.

Retail Lighting

Spot lights and fixtures incorporating reflectors produce specialised and useful effects such as symmetric, asymmetric or highly focused beams, etc.

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is primarily a work area and requires 300-500 lux on bench tops for safety. Spotlights can easily be placed and directed over bench areas and into cupboards etc. It is important to select quality lighting fixtures and position them carefully, for good task lighting kitchens should be generously lit as too little lighting can cause shadows. Kitchens are classed as damp areas; Electrical codes of practice address safety and durability issues.

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