ShadesMatching different components can be fun and gives a variety of options allowing you to create a unique light fitting.

Metal Shades

Metal shades eliminate glare and are brilliant for directing light towards work surfaces, preparation areas and serveries, etc.

Glass Shades

Glass shades soften the appearance of light and colour glass shades add impact and distinction. They are very efficient as utilisation is high with light being reflected off ceilings, walls and downwards, little light is wasted. Superlux import a dynamic range of glass shades from Spain, Italy and Germany. These countries have been glass specialists since the Romans imported the technology from the Egyptians, about 14AD. Various shapes are pressed or blown and hand finished.

Matching shades and cord set components

Check the mounting hole is the correct match. Shade rings, Glass top caps, Lamp holder covers and Ceiling fitters are available to help shades fit properly and decoratively onto pendants and Batten holders. When matching shades to cord sets, if a pendant is rated 50-watt maximum and you wish to use a very small shade, it will be necessary to use a lower wattage lamp to achieve durability. Select wattage of lamp according to type of shade selected. Check to make sure the weight of the shade you have chosen is not too heavy for the corset.

Please note: Glass blowing and hand finished metal work will vary from batch to batch. Lighting bought for a project should be purchased as one batch to minimise variations.

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