Types of Sensors

Dusk to Dawn sensors

  • Provides automatic switching, to achieve lighting only during night time hours
  • Providing security, safety and efficient power usage 

PIR motion sensors

  • Provides automatic switching for areas such as drive ways hallways and cupboards
  • Providing instant light when one passes through or into a space for 5sec to 5 min
  • Providing security, safety and efficient power usage

HF Occupancy sensors

  • Provide automatic switching for the Office, Lounge and various other areas of constant usage
  • Providing Instant and continuous light when a space is occupied for longer periods of time, will detect small movements such as typing etc
  • Providing efficient power usage

Always mount sensors level 

Superlux weather board packers can be used to level the mounting surface.
Some typical examples below:

Sensor2 WBSensor2 SC

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