Symbols in reference to: 2016 AS/NZS60598.2: 2016 and AS/NZS60598.2


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Non-flammable insulation can abut to sides of downlight

Icon 2a   Icon 2b

Non-flammable insulation can abut to sides of downlight

Icon 3a   Icon 3b

Non-flammable insulation can completely cover downlight

 Icon 4a  Icon 4b

Insulation of any specification can completely cover downlight

 Icon 5a  Icon 5b

Insulation contact prohibited

   Icon 6

Product designed to keep ceiling temperature 90° or below when building insulation is abutted to fitting

   Icon 7

Thermal cut off and auto reset function for protection against misuse and overloading

   Icon 8

50mm reflector lamp

   Icon 9

63mm reflector lamp

   Icon 10

80mm reflector lamp

   Icon 11

General lighting service lamp

  Icon 12 

15mm Bayonet lamp cap

   Icon 13

22mm Bayonet lamp cap

  Icon 14 

Parabolic reflector lamp 30/8inch diameter

   Icon 15

14mm Edison screw lamp cap

   Icon 16

27mm Edison screw lamp cap



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