Ceiling and WallThere is a wide variety of styles to choose from and they have many individual attributes. Most ceiling buttons are suitable for wall mounting, just ensure the glass retention is appropriate. Wall lights should not be ceiling mounted unless recommended in the catalogue, as they may exceed surface temperature limits.

Ceiling Buttons

Provide general ambient light at a uniform level, the choice being low wattage, high wattage, single or multi lamp ceiling lights. All are quite low profile and suitable for low ceilings, some are an open style, others have enclosed diffusers to prevent collection of bugs and dust.

Ceiling Temperature

AS/NZS60598 requires all products to comply with temperature limits when tested in an ambient temperature of 25°C. If luminaires are used in higher ambient temperatures, a lower wattage lamp should be chosen than the maximum stated. Take extra care when selecting lamps for fittings above a fireplace and in heated institutional residences which have high lighting use.

Wall Lights

These are normally mounted at 1.8M. To avoid direct glare at split levels or staircases use enclosed fixtures, other areas benefit from open top fittings, which provide indirect general lighting through reflections off walls and ceilings.


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