Create your mood, depending on the style of your home weather it is strict minimalist or classical, lighting can help to enhance your chosen style. You can choose to dim your lighting or layer your lighting plus use multiple switching circuits for different uses.


Downlighting is common throughout living areas. Downlights can be used to deliver a lot of light onto horizontal surfaces such as tables and work tops and adjustable types are available to highlight pictures and other items of interest. Downlights do not light the ceiling this can create a cosy effect and can save on building costs as the ceiling doesn’t require as much finishing. Downlights have to be placed close enough to the walls so as to light them, or use in conjunction with wall lights.  Downlights depending on their design are subject to where they may be positioned in a ceiling. Not all ceiling cavities are appropriate for downlight installation due to physical constraints, fire safety and or lack of ample cavity space behind the fixture.  If building insulation is already present, this may dictate what type of downlight can be installed.

Ceiling Buttons

Ceiling buttons provide general ambient light at a uniform level. All are quite low profile and suitable for low ceilings, some are an open style, others have enclosed diffusers to prevent collection of bugs and dust. Ceiling buttons are a good alternative to downlights where you either don’t want to cut into the ceiling cavity or where it is not suitable to do so.

Decorative feature lighting

We offer an extensive selection of decorative single and multi-lamp pendants and wall lights in a variety of materials and finishes. Place these lights in large void areas where you may have a high ceiling or over a dining table etc. We also offer decorative options available for where the ceiling height is standard or lower. Decorative lights can also provide convenient general lighting.

Concealed Lighting

Creates a slick look by placing strip lighting in narrow cavities, wall coves, ceiling coves and furniture recesses. they have a stunning ability to accentuate architectural lines and the use of coloured light can add vibrancy and excitement.

Wall Lights

These are normally mounted at 1.8M to avoid direct glare. At split levels or staircases use enclosed fixtures to avoid glare. Other areas benefit from open top fittings, which provide indirect general lighting through reflections off walls and ceilings. Most ceiling buttons are suitable for wall mounting, just ensure the glass retention is appropriate.

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