Pendant lighting or cabinet lighting?  Talk to Alpha Lighting about the latest kitchen lighting trends in Auckland, New Zealand

It is important to select quality lighting fixtures and position them carefully, for good task lighting kitchens should be generously lit as too little lighting can cause shadows. Kitchens are classed as damp areas; Electrical codes of practice address safety and durability issues. The kitchen is fundamentally a work area and requires 300-500 lux on bench tops for safety. Make sure bench and counter tops are well lit. Lighting directed in front of where you stand rather than behind will ensure a more favourable lighting outcome.


Spotlights can easily be placed and directed over bench areas and into cupboards etc and produce more intense light than general lighting fixtures.

Cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting ensures there is adequate lighting on the kitchen benches for easy and safe preparation of food. Cabinet lighting makes finding utensils and other items easier and can create a feature by backlighting glass doors and splash backs.


PIR electronic switches are available and perfect for use in kitchen cupboards, use a “no touch PIR switch” SSW-ONOFF for under cabinet lighting, simply wave your hand across the sensor to turn lights on and off, great for when you have sticky hands. For in cupboards a “proximity switch” SSW-PROX is available, this will turn cabinet lights “on” instantly when the cupboard door is opened and “off” again when shut.

Track lighting

Originally designed for Retail display are easily customised to today’s ever changing requirements. Track Lighting Systems Offer Extreme Flexibility, A choice of head styles and lamp technology. They also offer the ability to extend track to other areas with straight, corner, tee and cross joiners. If further lighting is required it is easy to reposition, remove or add spot and flood lights. Easy installation is possible where power supply is otherwise difficult.

Feature pendant lighting

We offer an extensive selection of decorative single and multi-lamp pendants in a variety of materials and finishes. Some pendants not only create a decorative focal point to your kitchen but can also provide convenient general lighting. Pendant lighting looks great placed over kitchen islands and serveries often with 3 to 5 in a line or alternatively clustered together at different heights.

General Lighting

downlights or celling buttons are perfect to fill the gaps where cabinet, spot or feature lighting are not located. If downlights or ceiling lights are solely installed ensure they are placed directly over work areas. General lighting plus task lighting are often combined for best possible results.

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