There is a variety of lighting to consider when heading outdoors. Lighting on the façade of your home is a good place to start. Basics are a light at the front, back door and garage door. Sensor lights or lights wired to a remote sensor are a good idea to stop you and your guests stumbling in the dark and for security. Extra lighting can be placed in entertainment areas or around the back of the home where you may have amenities such as washing lines etc. Landscape Lighting can also be used as guidance light to and from the home as well as creating some magnificent feature lighting within your garden.

Exterior Lighting

To consider if you want more general all over light or fixtures that give an effect such as up down light fittings which you may use to highlight a column or area with different cladding etc.

Multi Directional

Multi Directional Light is distributed equally in all directions, such as bulkheads with a plain trim or Lanterns which are highly functional and additionally have strong visual appeal, choose from traditional or contemporary styles to complement your style.


Directional light can be used to light in a defined direction e.g. flood lights with singular or double heads. To light areas such as drive ways and pathways.

Types of Sensors for exterior lighting 

Dusk to Dawn sensors – Provides automatic switching, activates lighting only during night time hours – Providing continual security and safety.

PIR motion sensors • Provides automatic switching for areas such as drive ways and pathways • Providing instant light when one passes through or into a space.

Landscape lighting– fixtures are often not very visible, however they provide highly dramatic effects on shrubs, trees, garden features and building facades. It is highly preferable to plan the lighting before landscaping. Very small gardens can be successful using 12-volt cabling only, as the cable runs will not be long enough to have a problem with voltage drop. In this case, cables and lights can be planned later, cable thrown under decks, bark or shallow buried are totally safe. For larger gardens, it is best to run mains voltage to permanent fixtures or to in ground or housed transformers from where 12-volt lights can be run.

Common effects are:

• Up lighting Inground lighting onto substantial trees that can be viewed from any direction

• Spotlighting highlighting of selected garden features using shielded spot lights

• Shadowing Light directed across an object creates texture and provides decorative shadows.

• Silhouetting Lighting behind trees and shrubs Interesting branch structures are dramatic when silhouetted on a wall.

• Cross Lighting To display larger areas and soften the shadows use illumination from two or more fixtures.

When choosing outdoor luminaire Materials & Finishes – Consider all the following

Expectations: Visual appearance and if to be kept looking as new or not?

Exposure: Vandalism, Weather, Contaminants?

Maintenance Costs: Monthly maintenance or Annual maintenance?

Product Cost: Once material and finish have been selected, choose cost level of luminaire

Polycarbonate and other Thermoplastic Fixtures These are the nearest thing to the “Ideal” of everlasting and Maintenance free. Polycarbonate fixtures can be quite robust, but many thermoplastic fixtures are not as vandal-proof in public areas as their metal equivalent.

Aluminium Fixtures

These can be purchased in low-cost or expensive quality. Expensive fixtures are made of pure Aluminium and go through extensive pre-treatment and paint processes. The lower cost products need more care and maintenance to remove contaminants. Both product and maintenance costs must be part of a balanced purchasing decision.

Bare Metal Finishes, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass

These fittings usually have a thin coat of lacquer applied at the factory, this is a temporary protection to ensure a uniform finish at point of installation. Some situations lend themselves to natural discolouration (e.g.) Browning of Copper and Stainless Steel or the Verdigris look on Brass. Such corrosive effects are surface conditions, not structural. A lot of Stainless Steel fixture owners however wish to maintain the attractive shiny finish of the bare metal as purchased so maintenance will be required. A car wax or a special steel rejuvenating polish can be applied to extend the maintenance period.


It is highly recommended that outdoor lighting fixtures are not installed until the building project, landscaping and finishing are complete. If earlier installation is unavoidable ensure that fixtures are carefully wrapped and masked after installation

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