The bedroom for the majority of time is a place of rest, at a very basic level you can chose to only install general lighting and this will suffice in many circumstances. Extra bedroom lighting such as bedside table lamps, wall lights or pendants near the bedside with switching within easy reach of the bed is nice to have. In a child’s room, additional lighting over a desk such as a standalone task lamp is ideal or if the desk is built in – a couple of LED furniture lights. Wardrobe lighting is also worthwhile considering.


Downlighting is common throughout living areas. Downlights can be used to deliver a lot of light onto horizontal surfaces such as tables and work tops and adjustable types are available to highlight pictures and other items of interest. Downlights do not light the ceiling this can create a cosy effect and can save on building costs as the ceiling doesn’t require as much finishing. Downlights have to be placed close enough to the walls so as to light them, or use in conjunction with wall lights.  Downlights depending on their design are subject to where they may be positioned in a ceiling. Not all ceiling cavities are appropriate for downlight installation due to physical constraints, fire safety and or lack of ample cavity space behind the fixture.  If building insulation is already present, this may dictate what type of downlight can be installed.

Ceiling Buttons

Ceiling Buttons provide general ambient light at a uniform level. Naturally low profile and suitable for low ceilings, some are an open style, others have enclosed diffusers to prevent collection of bugs and dust. Ceiling buttons are a good alternative to downlights where you either don’t want to cut into the ceiling cavity or where it is not suitable to do so.

Task lighting

Task lighting is a localised light source in a person’s work area directed on a task. Use of task lighting can significantly reduce overall lighting demands by effectively putting the light where it is needed. Task lighting improves the quality of light by allowing the user to control the direction and intensity of light on their work area. By adjusting their task light the user can avoid glare and compensate for changes in daylight.

Wardrobe Lighting

Strip lights plus furniture lights are your best options here. Sensors can also be installed so the light automatically switches on when opening the wardrobe.  A separate proximity switch SSW-PROX is available, or purchase lights where the sensor is already incorporated into the light.

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