Quality mirror and vanity lights for modern bathroom lighting in Auckland

When choosing lighting fixtures for a bathroom you will need good general lighting as it is essential to prevent any accidents. Lights can be used to highlight features such as textural tiles or rustic wood, by aiming light across the surface you will enhance these features.

Mirror Lighting

Decent lighting is a must around the mirror. Incorrect mirror lighting wall cause unattractive and obtrusive shadowing on the face. This is where we put our makeup on or shave, tasks made much easier and with better results through good lighting. For the best lighting outcome place lights all-around the mirror such as our Hollywood lights or strip lights. Also, two lights either side or a strip light above the mirror will provide good mirror lighting.

The bathroom is a damp area and you will need to consider if you require a particular IP- ingress protection rating. For example where a fixture is installed directly over a shower often an ingress protection rating of IP65 is required.

Night time lighting

Lighting under the vanity/hand basin or a small light installed low on the wall is a good idea for those trips to the bathroom at night or a when enjoying a relaxing bath.

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